Come home, take a revitalising breath, and relax: First Glass Comfort means more to us than just offering you extraordinary designs to behold – our standards are “first class” in every respect:


Our comfort highlights turn our shower oases into products of the most exceptional quality.


The innovative magnetic closure in the sealing profile keeps the doors gently closed and prevents even the slightest splash.

Barrier-free access: most PALME models are barrier-free and therefore ideal for anyone who appreciates a no-frills and, above all, spacious look. A discreet splash rail is optionally available for many versions.


As if on rails: sliding doors with PALM.soft gently open and close on their own and prevent splashes.


Easy to move: the convenient swivel mechanism allows easy, mechanical opening by just pressing gently with a finger – for quick cleaning, even in hard-to-reach places.


A clean affair down to the smallest detail: all PALME shower oases are developed according to the PALM.isi-clean principle. This extends not just to easy-care surfaces, but also to flush fittings which minimise unnecessary joints, edges and other places where dirt can get trapped.


Design your own personal lighting effects! LED ambient lights in the outer brackets create a fascinating ambience throughout the room. Our glass panels conjure up spectacular effects with laser engraving.

More about lighting effects


Always one idea ahead: patented magnet technology for outstanding ease of cleaning. No mechanical release – a light push is all it takes to swivel the sliding doors inwards for easy cleaning. PALM.magnet is available for thePALME Modell Drive 1.0

Thanks to PALM.magnet , cleaning takes only a fraction of the time!


A class of its own: PALM.lift automatically raises the doors a few millimetres when they are opened. They then glide smoothly over the tiles, even if installed flush with the floor.

On closing, the doors are automatically lowered again and, in addition, pull themselves closed in the last 10 to 20 centimetres. When the doors are closed, the PALM.lift system provides increased splash protection thanks to the high contact pressure.


With PALM.nano: the water simply beads up and rolls off the surface – giving limescale and deposits no chance to attack the glass surface.

Without PALM.nano: the water settles like a film on the glass surface, leaving deposits behind.

Unique with PALME: profile surfaces with effective, long term protection against germs and bacteria, for an extra high hygiene factor. For comprehensive protection, we recommend the combination with PALM.nano. profile surfaces are available in two stylish colours.